Uber Exec Found Guilty Of Covering Up 2016 Hack

You might remember that Uber was hacked in 2016 and the company covered the whole thing up. The problem is that in the USA, that’s illegal and a day or so ago I had a reader ping me to say that someone walked the plank for that cover up:

On Wednesday, a jury found former Uber security chief Joe Sullivan guilty of hiding a massive data breach from federal regulators who were already investigating the ride-share company for a different breach. With that verdict, Sullivan has likely become the first executive to be criminally prosecuted over a hack, The New York Times reported.

A jury of six men and six women started deliberating last Friday. After 19 hours, they decided that Sullivan was guilty on one count of obstructing the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation and “one count of misprision, or acting to conceal a felony from authorities,” according to the Times.

That should send a message to Uber, and anyone else who thinks that covering up the fact that they were hacked is a good idea. At least the company disclosed the fact that they were recently pwned again by Lapsus$, and it seems that this hack was eerily similar to the 2016 one. That’s progress I suppose. Though it illustrates that Uber really hasn’t learned anything from the 2016 hack. Which reflects poorly on Uber.

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