Meta Sues Chinese Developers Over Stealing Facebook Login Info

Earlier this week, I told you about Meta sending notifications to roughly a million people that they Facebook accounts were compromised by account login stealing malware that are in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Well, Meta has filed a lawsuit against several Chinese developers doing business as HeyMods, Highlight Mobi, and HeyWhatsApp for developing and deploying this malware starting May 2022. You can read the full details of the lawsuit here. But here are the highlights. According to Meta:

  • The threat actors created this malware and posted them on their own website, as well as the Google Play Store and other Android app download sites.
  • Once the apps were downloaded and installed, the users were prompted to enter their WhatsApp user credentials and authenticate their WhatsApp access on these applications.
  • The credentials were then sent to the threat actors.
  • Meta worked with Google to take out these apps.
  • Meta is suing the developers for breaching WhatsApp’s terms of use and Meta’s developer agreement.

Now I seriously doubt that Meta will get a cent from these developers as it is highly unlikely the Chinese government will assist a US court in holding its citizens responsible for something like this. But that’s not the point of this lawsuit. It’s meant to send a message that Meta will come after anyone who does anything to harm the company or its users. And I for one hope that this is the first of many lawsuits filed to go after threat actors like these as it will place pressure on the Chinese government to deal with these threat actors or risk losing respect in the international community.

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