UPS Is Being Used In An Email #Scam

UPS appears to the latest company that I’ve found that a threat actor has decided to use as part of an email scam. The email in question looks like this:

It appears to be from UPS, but the UPS logo is wrong. The quality of the English is also a #Fail as well as evidenced by phrases like “Your package was stopped at the distribution hub due to incomplete delivery informations.” The tracking number is also not consistent with the format that UPS uses. And finally, there’s the email address.

Clearly this isn’t a UPS email address.

Other than that, the colours that are used are pretty much on point. It won’t fool most people. But I can imagine that a few might fall of it.

So, what’s the endgame here for the threat actors? I can’t say as when I tried to access the site that was linked in the email, it didn’t appear. Perhaps someone already took it out or the threat actors have moved on? It’s hard to say. But I can safely say that if this email hits your inbox, delete it.

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