BREAKING: Lufthansa Now Says That It Is NOT Banning AirTags After Saying That It Was Banning AirTags

So…. Let’s recap. German airline Lufthansa put out some very public statements via its Twitter feed saying that it is banning AirTags. But they cited a regulation that does not cover AirTags at all. Thus many including yours truly to say that Lufthansa is only banning AirTags because they have a propensity for losing passenger luggage, and passengers have a propensity for using AirTags to make the airline look like a dummkopf.

Now it seems that they might have changed course. Maybe. The airline is now claiming that they aren’t banning AirTags:

But wait… Lufthansa said this on their Twitter feed:

At this point, it’s pretty clear that the airline can’t keep their story straight. Which means the level of blowback is so huge that they cannot construct a coherent walk back narrative from this train wreck next to a dumpster fire. So Lufthansa, which is it? Are you banning AirTags or not? A message that makes sense acknowledges and walks back your original public statements would be welcome at this point. Because right now you do look like a dummkopf when it comes to how you’ve handled this whole situation,

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