Drive with Zombies (or run from them) this spooky season with the help of Waze

As October 31 nears, spooky season is upon us. And it’s brought zombies to Waze, the community-based traffic and navigation app.

Starting today, drivers can choose to team up with an expert escapist to avoid the zombies, or take their chances and get to know a member of the undead with a zombie itself. 

Activate your voice navigation to adventure with the Survivalist by your side and learn the best skills for staying away from the slow-moving menaces. You’ll ride with all the gear you need for surprises along the way when you change your vehicle guide to the Escapemobile, and show off your strength to other drivers with the Survivalist Mood.

If you’d rather a Zombie guide your way, select the Zombie voice navigation and find out if the rumor that these monsters think with their brains is really true. Switch to the Zombie Mood to show your allegiance to the misunderstood undead. And to get the full zombified experience, swap out your navigation arrow for the Zombieombile.

Drivers can activate the Zombie experience by visiting Waze or clicking “My Waze” in the app. Tap the “Drive with Zombies” banner to activate. Available globally with voice navigation in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

A blog post on the copilot is available here:

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