Salesforce Launches Automotive Cloud 

A recent poll from Ipsos shows that 84% of buyers wish the process of shopping for or purchasing a car was easier, illustrating that the role and model of the automotive industry needs to change. 

Bringing that change to the industry, Salesforce today announces Automotive Cloud — a new product tailor made for automakers, their customers, enabling real-time personalization and intelligence across the customer and vehicle lifecycle.

Only 23% of retailers and 26% of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) actually believe their companies have adapted well to selling online, according to Salesforce’s first Trends in Automotive Report published in August. With the Canadian and US governments continuing to champion the push to EV, businesses will need to adapt to survive this period of historic transformation, making technological innovations like Automotive Cloud an imperative. 

Also of interest is the full Trends in Automotive Report features key data and insights from 500 global decision makers across the automotive industry, including OEMs, auto finance subsidiaries, and dealers. 

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