Truth Social App Becomes Available On Google Play As Details Of Fraud And Infighting Within The Company Surface

For the longest while, Truth Social which is Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative was only available on iOS. But as of a couple of days ago, Google Play has decided to carry the app as well:

Google’s reversal indicates that it’s now satisfied that Truth Social can follow its guidelines. In a statement, Google said Trump’s app will remain accessible as long as it abides by rules “to effectively moderate user-generated content and remove objectionable posts such as those that incite violence.”

This can be seen as a win for Truth Social. But what isn’t a win is this story that details allegations of fraud and significant infighting within the company:

Former President Donald Trump’s media company fired an executive Thursday after he shared internal documents from a Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblower complaint with The Washington Post and spoke with the newspaper, the news outlet reported Saturday.

Will Wilkerson was a senior vice president of operations at Trump Media and Technology, which owns the social network Truth Social, and was one of the company’s first employees.

Wilkerson filed the SEC whistleblower complaint in August, alleging that the company relied on “fraudulent misrepresentations … in violation of federal securities laws,” according to the Post, in its bid to be taken public via an investment vehicle known as special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC.

In the article, Wilkerson also described strife within Trump Media, including tension with CEO Devin Nunes, who, as a Republican congressman, was one of Trump’s most loyal defenders. Wilkerson also said another executive detailed how Trump pressured him to give shares in the company to his wife, Melania Trump.

If the fraud allegations are true, the SEC is likely to drop the hammer on Truth Social. And about that merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. which is the SPAC mentioned above, here’s the deal:

The report comes as DWAC pushes its shareholders to vote to delay its planned merger with Trump Media, which was announced last year. DWAC has warned it could liquidate if it doesn’t complete the merger, which would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump Media.

DWAC CEO Patrick Orlando directed another of his companies to give DWAC funding to keep it afloat until December. He has already adjourned a shareholder meeting four times, an indication that he doesn’t have the shareholder support to delay the merger.

The Trump Media-DWAC deal is being investigated by regulators at the SEC and prosecutors in the Justice Department. Trump Media has blamed the SEC for delaying the deal.

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole on Digital World Acquisition. This story will help. Bu one has to wonder if Truth Social will see out the year given the level of issues that it has to deal with. My thinking is that it won’t.

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