Donald Trump’s Truth Social Could Be Dead By Friday

Truth Social, which is the social network that Donald Trump created after he was tossed off Twitter has been a dumpster fire since the second that it was announced. The latest crisis could spell doom for Truth Social according to The Washington Post.

Here’s the TL:DR:

According to the Washington Post, there is a September 8 deadline for a merger with a Miami-based company called Digital World Acquisition to close or be extended. Should that merger fail, Truth Social will be forced by law to return $300 million to investors. And Donald Trump will end up with “nothing” in financial gain. I wrote about this merger here.

The Washington Post report reveals that Truth Social has been plagued by unceremonious executive departures, credible accusations of insider trading, and even a whopping $18 million settlement over accusations that Truth Social executives lies to investors and the Securities and Exchange Commission. I wrote about some of that here.

Like I said, it’s been a dumpster fire. And it is another illustration of how bad a businessman that Trump is. Because everything he touches dies. And what doesn’t help is the fact that Trump made a re-appearance on Twitter by posting his mug shot and typing the words “Never Surrender”. Which is an odd thing for a guy who has surrendered to authorities four times in the last little while.

I’ll be watching on Friday to see if Truth Social lives or dies. I’m going to go with Truth Social dying. But I am free to surprised.

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