Kayne West Punted From Apple Music

It seems that the anti-semite Kayne West has more issues than being dropped by a whole lot of companies. Now it seems that he’s been quietly pulled from Apple Music:

While West’s discography remains intact, a search for the platform-generated playlist — which features a comprehensive, career-spanning collection of an artist’s music — garners no results beyond a blank loading screen. A search for the separate visual playlist, Kanye West Video Essentials, yields the same results. 

A rep for Apple Music did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment. 

That’s going to ratchet up pressure on Spotify to do the same thing. But I am not holding my breath because if they didn’t pull Joe Rogan over COVID vaccine misinformation, there’s zero chance that they will do so with Kayne West. In fact their CEO said as much. Which if you care about making racism of all forms completely unacceptable, that should guide you as to which streaming platform that you should be paying on a monthly basis.

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