Bell Reports ‘Best-Ever’ Internet Subscriber Growth In Q3…. Gee I Wonder Why?

It’s Q3 results season for Canada’s “big three” telcos and I’ve been waiting for this for a while as I want to see what effect that the great Rogers outage back in July had on the “big three”. Bell was the first to come to the table with their results and you can see that they had one hell of a Q3. Here’s a quote attributed to Mirko Bibic, President and CEO of BCE and Bell Canada from the press release:

“We’re seeing clear demand from Canadians for differentiated fibre Internet services and fast, reliable wireless networks. We experienced over 400,000 net activations across our wireline and wireless networks, with our highest-ever number of total mobile phone net additions, and we also gained a significant share of Internet subscriber growth with over 95,000 new net fibre-to-the-home customers this past quarter, up 33% over last year and our best-ever result.

While I am sure that Bell won’t say that Rogers was the reason behind this growth, it was likely a factor. Along with the fact that they are rolling out fibre as fast as they possibly can. Which then leads to customers signing up with Bell as they have a much better Internet offering. And the Rogers outage and customers not being happy about that also likely drove people to Bell. Leaving the boys in red in no position to compete against Bell. I want to see what numbers Telus puts up because if they have similar growth, it will be clear that Rogers is in deep trouble. Thus stay tuned as this will get interesting to watch.

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