Lock Bit Pwned Continental Tires

Continental is one of, if not the largest tire company in the world. I’ve had their tires on my bikes and a couple of cars that I’ve owned. Too bad for them that Lock Bit claims to have pwned them in a ransomware attack:

The LockBit ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack against the German multinational automotive group Continental.

LockBit also allegedly stole some data from Continental’s systems, and they are threatening to publish it on their data leak site if the company doesn’t give in to their demands within the next 22 hours.

The gang has yet to make any details available regarding what data it exfiltrated from Continental’s network or when the breach occurred.

It is possible that this is linked to a security breach in early August. But that’s hard to say. The 22 hours should be up at any time so I guess we’ll find out what Lock Bit has access to. But this illustrates the current nature of ransomware gangs. Get in, steal data, and threaten to leak it if one doesn’t pay up. Thus companies need to be ready to ideally prevent being victims of this sort of activity.

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