BREAKING: Twitter Blue Delayed Until After The Midterms… Not That It Makes Any Difference

So when I posted this story about why my future on Twitter was (and still is for the record) uncertain because of Elon Musk, I said this about his Twitter Blue scheme:

But that’s a half baked idea that is facing a large amount of backlash. Largely because part of this scheme allows anyone to be verified. As in literally anyone. The problem with that is that if everyone is verified, then nobody is verified. Plus it’s not as if some rouge nation who wants to use social media to influence elections and politics in another country won’t spend some cash to get a bunch of bots onto Twitter Blue and amplify their message that way. 

And Musk is clearly too desperate to make as much money as quickly as possible to see that.

Well, maybe the pressure is starting to get to him as this report says that Twitter Blue is now being delayed:

Twitter’s pushing back the launch of its new Blue subscription with verification until after this week’s midterm elections, according to a report from The New York Times. According to an internal memo viewed by the outlet, a manager working on the project said they’ve “made the decision to move the launch of this release to Nov. 9, after the election.”

To be frank, this really doesn’t address how half baked, half a**ed, not at all thought through that this scheme this is. What Musk really should be doing is addressing the multitude of concerns that surround this scheme as that may allow him to launch something that actually makes sense and doesn’t turn the platform into  the hellscape that he claims doesn’t want it to be. But he won’t do that as he is purely focused on trying to get Twitter to make a much money as possible as quickly as possible.

#Fail Elon.

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