BREAKING: Twitter Asks Some Laid Off Employees To Return To Work

Proving that Elon Musk is in full panic mode which is causing his decision making to be suspect at best, there’s now this story that Twitter is asking laid off employees to return to work:

The company has already asked some Tweeps to return, according to posts on the Blind app and Insider sources, including one who also shared a screenshot of confirmation from a Twitter employee.

A person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named to protect others’ identities, told Insider that five employees had been invited back: “These individuals are essential for Twitter’s ecosystem to function. Goons quickly realized and are asking them back.”

One of the sources said that a worker who Twitter asked to return rejected the offer because they felt “used, and think they will be fired again soon.”

Casey Newton, a contributing editor for The Verge and the founder of the tech-and-democracy focused Platformer newsletter, tweeted late Saturday that multiple sources had told him that Twitter has contacted some former employees and asked them to return. 

Well, that’s a #fail by Elon as clearly he didn’t use any sort of logical method to determine who to downsize. If I am, or was a Twitter employee, Elon would have to offer me a whole lot of cash above and beyond my severance package to return to Twitter. And given how “well” this is going for Elon, I can see that actually happening because Elon is desperate. On top of now looking like he’s really over his head with this purchase of Twitter.

Expect more of this type of story to drop in the coming days as Twitter under Elon is clearly a train wreck next to a dumpster fire.

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  1. […] One thing that puzzles me about this is that according to the above, Twitter Blue is only available to iOS users. What happened Elon? did you lay off all your Android developers and now you’re stuck because they won’t return your phone calls when you asked them to return to work? […]

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