Canadian Government Told To Pause Advertising On Twitter

CBC News is reporting that the Canadian Government has been told by the agency Cossette” to pause advertising on Twitter:

Cossette, which is the government’s “media agency of record,” issued guidance Friday to “pause activity immediately and monitor the situation over the weekend” due to “unknown continuity plans for moderation” and a “heightened risk of brand safety,” according to an internal document seen by CBC News.

Cossette helps with “media planning and strategizing, media buying, ad serving and trafficking, ad verification, reporting and reconciliation services, to support a variety of government initiatives.” It works with numerous government agencies and departments.

I pinged a couple of clients of mine who are in the advertising space and asked them how common this sort of guidance it is. Their answer was that it’s not all that common. In fact they also said that it is also surprising that this guidance has been made public. If you’re Twitter generally or Elon Musk specifically, this has to get your attention as your message of “nothing to see here isn’t working. Maybe he should take this as a big hint that his behaviour and how he manages Twitter needs to change. Otherwise he’s going to be in big trouble. Though I suspect that he’s going to take a different path. As in throw a temper tantrum on Twitter. Thus I am waiting for him to rage Tweet at any time.

Such is the world that we currently live in.

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