Users Are Uploading Entire Movies To Twitter…. And They Appear Not Be Prevented From Doing So By Twitter

Elon Musk is going to have a major problem. It appears that users are now uploading entire movies is roughly two minute and thirty second chunks to Twitter. Here’s an example:

If you look through the entire thread, the entire movie is there. And by the way, Hackers was a really good movie. But besides that, here’s the real problem. Sharing full movies is a violation of Twitter’s copyright policy which you can read here. But it’s still being allowed. And I can find other movies without trying to hard. My guess is the people who police this sort of behaviour are gone, or the systems that flag this sort of content aren’t working. Or perhaps both.

So why is this a problem? The MPAA or Motion Picture Association of America is going to get wind of this and they are going to knock on Twitter’s door asking “WTF”. Twitter will have to try and prove that they tried to stop these movies from being uploaded. But when they can’t the MPAA is going to not only want money, but they will take Twitter to court to get it. This will add to Elon’s problems as advertisers, who are the bulk of Twitter’s revenue will look at this and say “I don’t want to be associated with that gong show” and pull their ads. Oh, wait, that’s already happening.

And I thought the Donald Trump sideshow was the worst thing that Elon could do to the platform. Clearly I was incorrect.

UPDATE: The Tweet that I linked to above was deleted by Twitter. Over 12 hours after it was posted. But I continue to find other movies on Twitter without much effort. That’s a #fail Elon.

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