Soccer Commentator Voice Available On Waze

Soccer (or football) is a global sensation and the most widely viewed sport in the world. For the first time, Waze is giving drivers a way to represent their favourite team and country. 

Available now, drivers using Waze can activate a soccer experience in the app:

* Soccer-inspired voice navigation available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

* Your car icon on the Waze map can be changed to the Automoball, a car outfitted for the ultimate soccer fans

* Drivers can set a Mood representing their favourite country 

Samples of the on-road commentary experience include: 


Take the first exit! Then it’s onward to glory!

Hazard reported ahead. Getting through that defence could prove tricky.


Nous sommes tous prêts à vous supporter. Ramenez-nous le trophée à la maison !

Bravooooo, vous l’avez fait : Vous avez ramené le trophée à la maison ! On se retrouve demain pour la parade en bus ?

Quel match ! Quel parcours sans faute ! Quel pied ! Merci de nous avoir suivi !

Danger signalé devant. On la joue simple.


El árbitro está a punto de dar el pitazo inicial. Sabemos que este equipo tiende a arrancar a gran velocidad, pero no sabemos cuál será la estrategia de hoy… 

Todo listo. El jugador sale a la cancha con actitud ganadora.

El jugador ha llegado a su destino. Ha sido un partido extraordinario con lo mejor del fútbol. 

Accidente reportado más adelante. El jugador pisa la pelota y avanza con calma.


Pegue a primeira saída

Eita! Acidente reportado à frente.

Vai começar! O melhor do mundo não esquece o cinto.

Receeeba esse destino, véi! Chegou! Graças ao Waze

To activate the soccer experience, tap “My Waze” and “Drive with a commentator.” Users in Brazil can select “Drive with Luva de Pedreiro” and hear navigation directions from the fan-favourite influencer in that country. 

A blog post with details can be found here:

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