The Gong Show That Is Twitter Blue Gets Even Worse With The Blue Checkmark Being Put On Hold…. And There’s More

Within 24 hours of Twitter Blue launching, it became a train wreck next to a dumpster fire with high profile brands being impersonated on Twitter. Take this example:

There was other mayhem that you can read about here. Some of it is funny. Some not so much. And for the record, all these fake accounts got suspended pretty quickly.

With stuff like this, it’s no shock that advertisers are pulling their marketing dollars from Twitter. After all it’s clearly not a safe place for their brands to be. Yes this behaviour violates the Twitter terms of service. But that’s not the point. The point is that literally anyone can do this or worse because Twitter Blue requires zero verification as to who you are. That opens the doors for pretty much anything to happen. And not just brand impersonation. How about misinformation by a foreign government? Or how about misinformation about health related matters?

I guess either Elon Musk figured that out finally, or is simply embarrassed because this has blown up in his face in such a spectacular manner. Either way, you will now not be able to sign up for Twitter Blue if your Twitter account was created after November 9th based on this:

One thing that puzzles me about this is that according to the above, Twitter Blue is only available to iOS users. What happened Elon? did you lay off all your Android developers and now you’re stuck because they won’t return your phone calls when you asked them to return to work?

Stopping new accounts from getting the blue check is a temporary solution at best. This doesn’t stop existing Twitter accounts from pulling the same stunt. And it isn’t clear how Elon is going to stop any of this long term. Likely because he has no clue as he’s flying by the seat of his pants making stuff up on the fly out of desperation to make money as quickly as possible.

That makes this post on Mastodon timely:

In any case, if you really want that blue checkmark, and you are a new Twitter user on any platform, Dbrand can help you with that:

I’m predicting that this will get the attention of Elon and he will lose it on Twitter. That will give Dbrand attention and they will make lots of money from the noise that is created by Elon losing his mind. If you want an example of how Dbrand has made a situation like this work for them in the past, this is worth your time to read. Even if that doesn’t happen, this drop by Dbrand will likely make more money than Musk will. Plus the fact that it’s simply out there really puts into perspective how half baked Musk’s Twitter Blue idea is. And take it from me, it won’t get easier for Musk as it becomes increasingly clearer that he’s out of his league when it comes to Twitter.

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