Elon Musk Fires Employees At SpaceX For Denouncing His Behaviour

Elon Musk’s behaviour seriously needs to be questioned at this point. And it looks like it’s happening at companies outside of Twitter. I say that because of this:

It took less than a day and a half for more than 400 SpaceX employees to sign onto an open letter criticizing CEO Elon Musk after it was posted and shared by some of their co-workers in an internal chat. Just 32 hours after it was shared, the internal landing page for the document was taken offline, around the same time that a group of employees was fired for their involvement in crafting and sharing the letter, a move that may have been a violation of labor law.

The open letter first went live on an internal landing page at noon Eastern, and then it was shared by a handful of employees to roughly 10 chat rooms in Microsoft Teams as well as one email list. The contents were bold: the employees asserted that Musk’s behavior in recent weeks had become a source of embarrassment and a distraction for the company. The letter writers offered suggestions for ways that SpaceX could distance itself from Musk’s Twitter presence as well as do better to hold executives and those who commit sexual harassment accountable.

Wow. That’s bold. It looks like there’s now an open revolt against Elon. Which is likely to send him over the edge as he’s likely not used to this level of pushback from his employees. Or anyone else for that matter. It shows that people are fed up with Musk and are willing to do something about it. Even if it costs them their jobs. Thus if I were him, I’d prepare for a lot more of this sort of thing. And I’d prepare for the inevitable lawsuits for wrongful termination to follow.

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