Elon Musk’s New Problem Of The Day… The EU Thinks Twitter Blue Is “Completely Flawed” And They Are Coming For Him

Well Elon. I predicted that the EU would knock on your door at some point with some bad news for you. Specifically, I said this:

Oh yeah, I’m calling it now that the EU is going be knocking on Musk’s door in the next few days asking for similar answers. And that’s going to be even less fun for Musk when that happens.

Knock knock Elon:

Elon Musk’s idea for a subscription model to pay for Twitter’s sought-after blue check is “completely flawed,” Europe’s competition chief told CNBC Wednesday.

“If you have imposter accounts, of course, I think your business model is fundamentally flawed,” Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of the European Commission, told CNBC at an event in Brussels, Belgium.

“If you are to pay to be vetted and to be certified as being who you are and everyone can be you … I think that business model simply is completely flawed,” she added.


“We need to see how this develops before any decisions are taken,” Vestager said at the European Business Summit.

That says to me that the EU is about to make his life even more miserable than it is now. I say that because of this:

Several European officials have warned Musk about the need to comply with European rules. The EU has reinforced its laws in recent years to tackle disinformation and protect users’ privacy.

As a result, one of its biggest achievements has been the Digital Services Act, or DSA, which entered into force as of Wednesday and instructs Big Tech on how to keep users safe online.

Vestager said the revised rulebook makes her more comfortable in monitoring developments across Big Tech, including Musk’s changes at Twitter, but she denied that her team is on a collision course with the firm’s chief executive.

“We are never on a collision course with anyone because we consider ourselves a mountain,” Vestager said.

Elon, consider yourself warned. When the EU comes after you, your chances of winning are zero. Thus you might want to smarten up and alter your behaviour. Though I don’t think you’re smart enough to actually do that based on your recent performances.

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