Uber Audio Recording Feature Coming To Calgary

Beginning today, Uber is starting to roll out the new Audio Recordings safety feature, which will enable riders and drivers to record audio during a trip. Calgary is the first city for this safety feature in Canada and Uber plans to roll this out in the rest of the country next year. 

Uber hopes that every trip goes well, but we also know that sometimes things don’t go as planned. With the new Audio Recording safety feature, riders and drivers can record their trips at the tap of a button. 

Privacy is always protected

All audio recordings are encrypted and stored securely on the rider’s or driver’s device. Their recording will be locked, and no one—not the driver, not Uber, not the rider—has access to it. Uber can only access the recording if the rider or driver reports an incident and chooses to share the recording with Uber. 

Easy to set up and use on every trip

  1. After the trip has started, tap the blue shield on the map to access the Safety Toolkit. 
  2. Select Audio Recording
  3. Allow microphone permissions.
  4. Tap Start to begin recording. 
  5. For future trips when the rider would like to record audio, the rider will just need to go into their Safety Toolkit and tap Start to begin recording.  

If a driver has Audio Recording set up, the rider will be notified before the trip starts that their trip might be recorded.

More information about the audio recording feature can be found here. I’ve also included a screen recording of this feature from the passenger’s viewpoint:

And the driver’s viewpoint:

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