NAACP Head Calls For Advertisers To Pause Ads On Twitter In The Wake Of Donald Trump Being Reinstated To The Platform

Elon Musk is in serious trouble now. I say that because Derrick Johnson the head of the NAACP has put out a series of Tweets aimed directly at Elon and his Donald Trump stunt from last night. And if Elon is smart, which given his track record since taking over Twitter is questionable at best, he should pay attention. More on that in a second. But first, here’s what Johnson said:

Now the NAACP are pretty powerful in this case because the African American demographic is one that as of late, advertisers actively target. So, What Derrick Johnson has done is given them a choice. Back Elon Musk and Twitter and lose access to that demographic. Or They stand with that demographic against everything that Elon Musk appears to stand for. Thus do not be surprised if a lot of ads disappear from Twitter this week as companies announce that they’ve pausing ads on Twitter. Because I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of this if I were an advertiser.

As for Elon Musk, at this point he really should start finding ways to back-pedal from this latest crisis that he’s created. Because this as it stands right now isn’t going to end well for Musk. Nor is it going to end well for Twitter. He can try and joke and meme his way out of this, but honestly he’s got nowhere to go on this and so many other issues that are causing him sleepless nights at the moment.

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