Apple’s Privacy Claims Now Under Further Scrutiny As Researcher Claims That Personally Identifiable Information Is Sent To Apple

Last week a class action lawsuit was filed when a researcher discovered that Apple’s own apps were sending information about you to Apple regardless of whether or not you had your iPhone set up to allow such communications to take place. Today the same researcher Tommy Mysk along with Talal Haj Bakry have discovered that the info that is being sent to Apple also contains personally identifiable information:

If this is true, it directly contradicts Apple’s device analytics and privacy legal page where it says that nothing identifies you. It also shoots down any moral high ground that Apple has when it comes to privacy. Apple hasn’t commented yet. But seeing as this keeps getting worse and worse for Apple, at some point they will have to come out and say something. Because if you trade on being a privacy centric company, and people start putting forward that you’re lying, you need to answer that or you look guilty by default.

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