Elon Musk Suggests That He Would Make A Competitor To Apple And Google’s Phones If He’s Booted From Their App Stores

Okay. This whole Twitter thing since Elon Musk took over has been a crazy ride since he took over. But it’s now gotten really crazy. Because one of the potential side effects of giving anti-vaxxers, Neo-nazis, white supremacists, anti-LGBTQ activists, anti-Muslim bigots among other low life scumbags of the universe who don’t deserve a platform, amnesty on Twitter is that it may put him in the crosshairs of Apple and Google who have rules that would require the punting of the Twitter app from their respective app stores. If you want an example of that, look at Parler who was Thanos snapped out of the App Store and Play Store. I am guessing that this is a real possibility that Musk has thought of because he said this on Twitter last night:


I have to look at this from both sides. So ignoring the fact that, this could simply be an empty threat, or that the odds are high that Apple and Google would destroy any sort of “Tesla Phone” or “Twitter Phone” in terms of sales, and that the development of this phone could easily become the same sort of train wreck next to a dumpster fire that we’re seeing at Twitter, consider this. If he threw the same people who are responsible for the in car entertainment system at Tesla, and recycle some of the silicon from that system, it isn’t actually that far fetched an idea. In fact this is completely doable from a hardware standpoint. His challenge will be the software. Google isn’t going to hand over a copy of Android to him, and Apple isn’t going to hand over a copy of iOS to him. So he will either have to do what Huawei did which is use the open source version of Android, or make his own OS. That’s a tall order either way. On top of that he needs an app ecosystem to give people a reason to buy this phone. That’s a tall order as well as you’re not going to want to jump to this phone if you can’t use the apps that you already have. And getting developers on board to make those apps will be a challenge.

Now how much market share that this phone would get would still be an open question. And more importantly, would it grab enough market share to scare Apple and Google? Personally, I am dubious that Apple and Google would be the least concerned about this Tweet from Elon. Or put another way, I seriously doubt that Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai are going to lose a moment’s worth of sleep over this Tweet. But I would suggest that this is something that is at least worth watching if he does get punted from their respective app stores.

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