A Follow Up To My Recommendation For ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Users To Not Install Firmware

You might remember that a few weeks ago I put out a public service announcement for owners of The ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 to not install firmware as it was incredibly unstable. In fact, it was so unstable that I recommended rolling back to the previous firmware and provided instructions on how to do so. Earlier this week, ASUS released an updated firmware which is listed as version that claims to optimize memory usage and improve stability among other things. You can read the release notes here. Since I suggested to people that they shouldn’t try the previous firmware, I decided to try this firmware. Now first, let me describe how to update the firmware as for whatever reason, if you don’t follow this method you will have issues. More on the issues that you will have in a minute. But here’s my process:

  • Log into the router using a computer and a web browser
  • Backup the configuration using these instructions
  • Update the firmware using method 1 from these instructions.
  • After updating do a factory reset of the router using these instructions
  • Using a computer and a web browser, connect to the router and using the advanced options in the setup wizard, upload the backup of the configuration that you saved in the first step.

The reason why I recommend going this route is that for whatever reason, ASUS routers do not cleanly update the firmware. And that leads to all sorts of weird issues that are hard to track down. In my case, it breaks HomeKit unless I go through the steps above. Going this route avoids all of that.

Now I have been testing this firmware for a few days, and so far it has been stable for me. And it has been stable for others based on reports from places like SNB Forums. Thus I am cautiously optimistic that you should be okay to update your ZenWiFi XT8 to this firmware. Though I would wait another week or maybe two to see if any issues appear by monitoring the thread in SNB Forums just to be safe.

If you have any feedback about this firmware, please share them in the comments below. And if I notice anything that is a deal breaker, I will will post an update.

12 Responses to “A Follow Up To My Recommendation For ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Users To Not Install Firmware”

  1. […] UPDATE: ASUS has released a newer firmware to address these issues. More info here. […]

  2. Paulo Kanawati Says:

    After updating to the latest version, my HomeHub4000 bypass stopped working. I have the external IP address on my Asus Router but no internet, on wifi and via ethernet.

    • Have you tried powering down both devices, then powering up the ASUS router, then the HH4000?

      • Paulo Kanawati Says:

        Yes, and this last time I was able to get the external IP instead of something starting with 169…

        I was using the PPPoE method from almost 5 months without any issues.

        I did the reset and restore as well. Even rolled back to the previous firmaware, but even that didn’t work, which kind of ruled out the new firmware as the culprit…maybe?

        If I use PPoE, do I need the ADMZ? Cos I was using both and it was working…I’ll try the other method, using a DHCP.

  3. Paulo Kanawati Says:

    OK, I’ll tell you what worked for me after this latest update: I started from the scratch. No previous configs restored. Now it is working as it should. And I’m done with it lol.
    Next time I will check your site before updating my asus!!

    Thank you!

    • I am glad it all worked out for you. ASUS routers do have a “thing” where you have to factory reset the router after applying an update. I think that was mentioned in this article. I don’t know why ASUS routers need to have this done. But I know it works which is why I recommend it. Despite it being a pain to do.

  4. I’m not able to use this firmware The 5Ghz backhaul is constantly disconnecting child node. The newest firmware where backhaul is stable is I have downgraded again to this sw and all is stable, also backhaul and strength on backhaul is stable at -70dBm. I’m also in contact with Asus support since 13th. of October about this issue.

  5. Uffe Vedenbrant Says:

    Still seeing the same memory issue on latest.. But might test and see if a complete reset would do the work. I have 5 mesh nodes to cover my area but there are no warning on using that or even 6 that i used a little earlier. All XT8 HW Version 1

  6. […] I have told you not to upgrade in the past due to serious issues with their firmware, as well as telling you when it was safe to upgrade, I decided to install it and report back to you my early impressions. And I also will follow up […]

  7. Newbie here and just got 2 XT8s that seem to be working fine out of the box with firmware, manufactured 2021, Hardware version 1.0. Or maybe I’m not advanced a user enough to notice issues? Is it a security risk if I just stick with this version of the firmware? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that…

    • There is a risk regardless of whether we are talking about software or routers if you are not on a recent, if not latest version of software or firmware. You have to weigh the risks and decide if stability is worth more to you over security. I personally value security above all else. Though I have reverted to one version back of the XT8 firmware to get stability with a decent amount of security. But you have to make your own call on that.

  8. I am on and I have had no end of issues with the stability of my connected mesh node. I have not tried downgrading…that is my next step as this is beyond frustrating. It was rock solid, with GREAT! as the connection status before…now it is Not Connected…or maybe weak at 2.4GHz on a good day.

    Hoping Asus would fix this as their AIMesh is a big feature for most…

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