Impact-Driven Vancouver Biotech Startup Wins $100k+ Investment

As Spring Activator‘s Women-led Impact Investor Challenge, presented by the TELUS Pollinator Fund came to a close Tuesday evening, we are excited to announce Dr. Karolina Valente of Voxcell BioInnovation Inc. was awarded a $100k+ investment from a cohort of both experienced and emerging impact investors.  

VoxCell BioInnovation Inc. is creating fully vascularized, human-like cancer tissue models by combining a custom high-resolution 3D bioprinter, advanced vascularization software, and proprietary bioinks. VoxCell aims to accelerate the development of life-saving anti-cancer drugs by providing tissue models that can identify viable candidates earlier in the drug-development pipeline.

The Impact Investor Challenge was created to help impact-driven businesses receive the capital and knowledge needed to succeed.The Pitch Finale is the pivotal moment in which we collectively make this happen for one impact venture! 

More details can be found here.

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