Cisco Holiday Season Shopping Survey: Online retail brands only have one shot to impress consumers 

Consumers have come to rely on applications and digital services for almost every aspect of their lives and they’ve now become far more discerning about what makes an incredible digital experience. With the holiday shopping season upon us and multiple online sales events available to customers, the pressure is on for brands to offer consumers amazing online bargains and incredible digital and application experiences. If this year, a massive 91 per cent of consumers said that they will only rely on online shopping applications and services, the search for great deals will be even more important! 95 per cent agreed that cheap prices and bargains will be central given the costs of living and the uncertain economic situation.

So, the extra pressure is on for retailers and their IT teams as consumers (78 per cent) stated that the digital experience is as important as the deals that are on offer.

Cisco AppDynamics recently conducted a global survey of 12,000 consumers across 12 countries including Canada, exploring how applications are being used throughout the online shopping process during seasonal shopping moments, and the significance of their role today.

Consumers surveyed revealed that:

  • 74 per cent of Canadian consumers usually wait for major online shopping dates (Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Christmas…) to take advantages of discounts and low costs deals
  • 87 per cent of Canadians will rely on brands offerings deals and discounts this year more than ever before
  • 91 per cent of Canadian consumers wants a fast and seamless digital experience without any delays or disruption and 63% claim that an underperforming application will leave them angry
  • 81 per cent of Canadian consumers won’t take any excuse for poor online experiences
  • 91 per cent of Canadian consumers feel that it’s important for retailers to provide regular updates on the status of online purchases, given ongoing supply chain issues and increased anxiety around receiving holiday gifts on time

You’ll find a blog post with additional details here

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