Uber Announces Keep Ukraine Moving Donation Campaign

Starting today, Canadians will be able to donate through the Uber app to support the people of Ukraine. And Uber will match every donation up to $1 million. All donations will go to a charity partnering with UNITED24 to provide the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with funds for urgently needed ambulances. 

Ukraine has now endured more than nine months of horrific war since Russia’s full-scale invasion. Attacks have devastated cities, destroyed families, and unleashed a refugee crisis unlike any Europe has seen since World War II. In the days following the February invasion, Uber made a commitment to help for as long as the war continues. So as we approach the end of the year, we’re launching this new donation campaign spotlighting the bravery and selflessness of Ukrainian drivers.

Here’s snapshot of the actions that Uber taken so far:

  • Expanded Uber services to 18 cities across Ukraine
  • Provided more than 100,000 free rides to Ukrainian refugees, internally displaced families, and aid workers
  • Rolled out free transport for medical staff and patients at 100+ hospitals, and delivered medications for those in need
  • Built a customized logistics platform for United Nations relief agencies and delivered more than 220 truckloads of emergency food, medicine, and winter shelter supplies at no cost
  • Built a custom version of the Uber app to provide free on-demand transport to teams of conservationists from Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture to locate and protect thousands of artifacts of irreplaceable value to Ukrainian cultural heritage and independent national identity
  • Raised more than $5 million – and counting – in charitable donations to support Ukrainians in need

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