Waze’s Snow Warning Feature Helps To Avoid Unplowed Streets

As we are about to experience our first big storm of the season, we’d like to share a quick reminder that drivers can take advantage of the Snow Warning feature in Waze, the crowd-sourced navigation app.

Waze lets drivers know when they’re approaching a road flagged as unplowed. It works in a similar way to other hazards reporting in Waze.

During Toronto’s last big storm in January 2022, weather hazards reported by Waze drivers went up 8.6 per cent (including unplowed roads, Fog, Hail, Flood and Ice).

Toronto traffic tracked by Waze also dropped 21.7 per cent compared to the preceding days (January 16-17 compared to January 9-10).

Traffic dropped in other Ontario cities during the same period as well:

Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan Area: -23.5%

Hamilton: -26.9%

Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo Metropolitan Area: -15.0%

London: -6.4%

While many Ontarians chose not to drive during the last snowstorm, drivers who venture out this week today can make their trips smarter and safer with Waze.

Drivers can report unplowed roads by tapping to update the map, then Hazards > Weather > Unplowed road

Other Waze features that can help drivers stay safe

  • Roadside Help: Waze also has a Roadside Help feature that allows you to call for road assistance. In addition, a button is available to get help from fellow Wazers: you can click on it to let fellow Wazers know of issues including the following: out of gas; flat tire; battery issue; and medical issue. Alternatively drivers can press on “others” to type in the issue directly.
  • Plan Your Drive: When planning a drive, Waze users can check for alternate routes. You’ll see how long each route takes and what the traffic situation looks like so you can choose the path that’s best for you. You can start planning your drive up to a week in advance. From finding the best time to leave based on traffic trends, to syncing up with your calendar, Waze offers many great tools to help you get to your destination.
  • Share Your Drive: Let your friends and family follow your drive in real time and know when you arrive at your destination. Shared drives appear as solid green lines on the Waze map.
  • Child/Pet Reminder: Set up a reminder to get an alert at the end of every drive to remind you to check on your fellow travellers before leaving your car in the cold.
  • Gas Station feature: Check and see the closest gas stations along your route to plan your refuel or a pit stop powered by community members sharing gas prices in communities across the country. Waze notifies drivers of nearby gas stations, prompting users to update the gas price at that specific location so that other Waze users can search for the cheapest prices in their area or route.
  • Railroad Crossing Alert: This feature alerts drivers when they approach a railroad crossing. A banner will appear on the Waze app highlighting the crossing and will encourage the driver to approach with caution. This feature puts drivers’ safety first, helping them return to the roads by highlighting the potential risks associated with driving over railroad crossings. The feature was advocated for by CN, Operation Lifesaver Canada, and the Railway Association of Canada, among many international railway network operators and other organizations.

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