Rogers Wireless Customers Report That They Are Having Issues With 5G And LTE Today

The last thing that Canadian telco Rogers needs is another major outage. However it is possible that we’re seeing that right now. A visit to Down Detector shows this:

That’s not good as a graph like that indicates that something happened around 10AM EST today. I personally have received reports that Rogers customers are being bumped down to 3G service when they should be getting LTE or 5G service. A quick look at Twitter shows that others are having issues:

However as I type this, I am getting word that 5G service has come back online for some. Thus whatever happened, it was brief thankfully. But there has been no confirmation of any issues from the troubled telco on this. And I would be interested to see if they do comment at this at all as it would draw some unwanted attention towards them that Rogers simply cannot afford right now.

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