Elon Musk Says That Twitter Policy Polls Will Be Limited To Twitter Blue Subscribers…. Which Likely Means He’s Not Going Anywhere

I’m shocked by this. I am really shocked.

Well, actually I am not. I fully expected that Elon Musk who said he would abide by his poll that he’d exit the company if it went against him, which it did, would find a way to weasel his way out of doing so. And here’s why I think that this is the case:

He also made this comment about the poll being rigged by bots… Which for the record Elon pledged to eliminate:

And then there’s this:

This sounds like a threat to me. Like he might burn Twitter to the ground or something.

All of this doesn’t sound like someone who is done with Twitter yet. Though the pressure is mounting for him to go. He’s free to prove me wrong by heading to the exit. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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