The Head Of CTV News Has Been “Reassigned” Due To The Lisa LaFlamme Episode

You might recall that earlier this year, veteran news anchor Lisa LaFlamme was fired by CTV. Likely due to her age and gender. And that set off a firestorm that Bell Media, owners of CTV, had problems dealing with. You can find a lot of that story here. And as part of that story, it came to light that CTV News head Michael Melling had to take a leave of absence due to the blow back from this firing. Today, it’s come to light that Melling has been “reassigned“:

Several months after Melling took a leave of absence from the news division, a Bell Media statement confirms his job will be permanently filled by Richard Gray, who has been serving as interim vice-president of news.

The company says Melling has been reassigned to vice president of shared services.

The decision follows an independent third-party review of the CTV national newsroom that was sparked after the ousting of LaFlamme as anchor of the flagship newscast.

Now let’s be clear. For someone of in Melling’s position to be “reassigned” means that he was too expensive to fire. Thus they had to find something for him to do. And this VP role is it as it puts him in a position where he in theory cannot attract any negative attention for Bell Media. Thus this doesn’t really solve the problem. And unsurprisingly, this announcement has started to trend on Twitter:

If you’re Bell media, that’s not a good look. And it doesn’t make this problem go away as Bell Media hasn’t addressed the problem.


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