Apple AirTags Help To Catch Untied Airlines Lying About Missing Luggage

Airlines really need to improve how they handle passenger baggage. I say that because with the invention of the Apple AirTag, they’re going to be caught out if they are not telling the truth about how passenger baggage is handled by them. Case in point is this situation with United Airlines. Valerie Szybala thought she made the right choice when she accepted United Airlines’ offer to deliver her delayed luggage. But apparently, United lied about where her bags were. As a result she took matters into her own hands and documented the experience on Twitter.

I encourage you to read the entire thread as it really documents some really shady behaviour by United Airlines. Szybala repeatedly informs customer support that she has found the location of the luggage because of her AirTags. When support finally acknowledges this, they still repeat that she is wrong, the “bag is safe at the Delivery services distribution center.” But what is worse is the fact that there were other bags there. Which means that other United passengers have had their bags meet a similar fate. Another point is the fact that whoever was at the keyboard of the United Airlines Twitter account did a horrible job of customer relations. The thing that really gets on my nerves is the United Airlines employee saying “calm down” which is just the absolute worst thing that they could say.

United Airlines has yet to publicly comment on the case of the missing luggage, beyond Szybala’s initial interaction with United’s customer support chat. In a statement to The Independent, United Airlines said:

“We are working with our baggage delivery vendor to understand the details of this situation.”

That’s a BS response. But not surprising as United Airlines is in deep trouble here and they know it. It will be interesting to see how they do respond because the way this story has gone viral, it won’t be going away. In the meantime, I would recommend that if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, I would buy AirTags and put them into everything when you are travelling across town or around the world. Because as evidenced this example, you can’t be too careful.

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