Two More Twitter Execs Head To The Exits

Elon Musk has cut huge numbers of staff at Twitter, but many have quit on their own accord. And that trend seems to be continuing as news is out that two more Twitter execs have left. Starting with this guy:

I had a look at his LinkedIn profile. He joined Twitter in 2017 as the senior director of engineering. His last role was the one that he just resigned from. And I note that he hasn’t posted on social media to say he’s left the company. But since Schiffer has a 100% track record with reporting on leaks from Twitter, I will take this as fact.

The other exec to head to the door was reported by Casey Newton:

Just like with Schiffer, if Newton says something, it’s fact as he also has a 100% track record in terms of reporting on leaks from Twitter.

The question is, with so many departures from Twitter, is there anyone left who can run the company? I ask because Elon’s not capable of running the company. So there has to be someone competent who is at the helm. Right?

UPDATE: Behnam Rezaei has confirmed his departure from Twitter… On Twitter.

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