Elon Musk Is In Trouble Again…. This Time It’s About Him Tweeting That He Will Remove Tesla’s Full Self Driving Safeguards

Elon Musk really doesn’t have a clue about how to keep his thoughts to himself. I say that because his habit of saying anything that pops to mind has gotten him into trouble again. On New Years Eve, he said this in response to a Tweet regarding Tesla’s Full Self Driving:

To be clear, what they’re talking about is the requirement by Tesla’s Full Self Driving software to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times as that serves as proof that you are still in control of the car should you need to take control. Well, that one Tweet has gotten the attention of the NHTSA according to The Verge:

An NHTSA spokesperson confirmed that the agency has reached out to Tesla to gather information about the Musk tweet, in which the controversial billionaire suggested he would eliminate a driver monitoring function that warns users to keep their hands on the steering wheel while using FSD. 

The information gathering by NHTSA is part of a broader investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot, which has been linked to over a dozen crashes involving stationary emergency vehicles.

Seriously Elon. You’re already under investigation because of issues with Tesla’s Full Self Driving, and you’re really going to poke a stick in the cage so to speak? You may be a billionaire, but you’re clearly not that smart as that Tweet was a dumb thing to do. That’s on top of the fact that this feature is years late and is still in beta. As it should be given what YouTubers like MKBHD, Along For The Ride, and Snazzy Labs have found. Which is that it’s not that good.

I guess that Elon must be bored and he needs some more problems to deal with. Because clearly the ones that he currently has with the implosion that is Twitter and the crash of Tesla’s stock price aren’t enough to keep him occupied.

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