Twitter Blocks Hashtags Associated With Child Sexual Abuse Material After Being Called Out For Doing Nothing To Stop Child Sexual Abuse Material On The Platform

Last week, Twitter was found by NBC News to be doing absolutely nothing when it came to child sexual abuse martial (CSAM) on the platform after Elon Musk claimed that it was “Priority #1.” Today, NBC News is finding that hashtags associated with child sexual abuse material are being blocked by Twitter:

NBC News found that a series of hashtags on the platform related to the file-sharing service Mega served as rallying points for users seeking to trade or sell CSAM. NBC News observed the hashtags over a period of several weeks, and counted dozens of users who collectively published hundreds of tweets daily.

The accounts used thinly veiled keywords and terms related to CSAM to promote the content they said was stored on Mega, which they said was available for purchase or trade.

This really isn’t an effective means to deal with this problem as the actors who are distributing and looking for this stuff will simply evade this. Thus turning this into a game of “whack-a-mole” where Twitter will never, ever come out on top. The fact is that you need people to stop CSAM from appearing on any platform. Twitter fired most of the people responsible for this. Thus there’s no way that I can see that allows them to get this addressed in any meaningful way. All this shows is how badly that Elon Musk has failed the users of Twitter, not to mention illustrating (again) that when he says something, he doesn’t actually mean it.

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