Has UHN Been Pwned In A Cyberattack? They Say No But I’m Skeptical

First some background. When a hospital issues a “code grey” it means that critical infrastructure has failed within the hospital which can seriously affect patient care.

With that in mind, yesterday I got tipped off by a reader if this blog who works within University Health Network or UHN here in Toronto that the hospital system had issued a code grey and that I should keep an eye on the story. The person who tipped me off also said that this would be a big story. Thus I held off publishing anything until I got enough facts to paint a picture for you. The source of the code grey was issues related to their IT infrastructure. That in itself is very unusual because it has been my experience that hospitals have very robust IT infrastructures. Thus something catastrophic would have to have happened for it to take UHN down in whole or in part. That’s when rumours that UHN had been pwned in some sort of cyberattack started to circulate in public and on the dark web. Though the they deny this:

Here’s the thing. It is entirely possible that they are telling the truth here. But the problem with that is that I have seen enough examples over the years where hospitals that issue a code grey are ones that got hit by some sort of cyberattack. Be it some sort of ransomware or a situation where patient data is leaked. And it all eventually becomes public no matter how the hospital spins it. Thus I hope that if this is some sort of internal incident, UHN speaks in detail about this situation so that they prove that they aren’t one of the many hospitals around the world to get pwned over the last few years. Until that happens, I’m remaining skeptical that this is some sort internal incident and not a cyberattack. But I am free to be proven wrong. And I hope I am given how important UHN is to the Greater Toronto Area.

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