Elon Musk’s Price Cut On Teslas Angers Current Owners

When I posted this story on yesterday on Tesla cutting prices significantly, I was wondering if I should post the story or wait as I was thinking that there would be blow back from this move. So, why was I expecting blow back? Tesla had some really significant incentives coming into the New Year to move cars. So if you were one of those people who took advantage of that, and then found out that Tesla cut prices by 10% or 20%, you’d be mad.

In the end I decided to push “Publish” on the story. But I really didn’t have to wait very long to see the blow back from this as a simple browse of Twitter showed examples of owners not happy with Tesla and Elon Musk:

Now I get why people are ticked off. If you just leased a Tesla, you won’t care. But if you just bought a Tesla, it’s just dropped the value by a significant degree overnight. And you will never, ever see that price recover. And if you’re trying to sell a Tesla right now, you’re going to have to sell it for less because used Tesla prices are now going to drop as a result of this price cut.

But at the same time, and to be clear I am not defending Tesla, but what are they supposed to do? Anytime there’s a price cut of some sort regardless of what the product is, people who bought the product at a higher price not to long before the price drop are not going to be happy. Having said that, Elon’s current situation and personal “liabilities” are going to make this situation worse than it would be for pretty much any other company on the planet.

If I were to give Elon some free advice, I would give anyone who bought a Tesla in December when their aggressive incentive program was in place some free Supercharging credits to take away the sting for really recent buyers. Like say $5000 – $7500 worth or Supercharging credits. Because that’s the group that are most likely going to be very upset. Everyone else would unfortunately have to take it on the chin. It sounds harsh, but the reality is that Elon has created a situation where there is no possible way for him or Tesla to make everyone happy. Thus Elon has to take a very targeted approach and hope for the best. Because I suspect that given the situation with Tesla and Elon Musk, some of these people won’t be buying an EV from Tesla ever again because of this price cut.

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