Apple’s Trade In Values Fall Through The Floor After Yesterday’s Announcement Of New Macs

The trade in values of Apple products have absolutely taken a nosedive after the the announcement of new Macs yesterday. Take for example my 16″ MacBook Pro. This is what I paid just over a year ago for the version that that I have:

Now take a look at the trade in value as of today:

While I get that it’s in Apple’s interest to spend the least that it possibly can on trade ins, Apple trying to argue that a nearly $4000 computer has dropped in value by something like 75% in about a year is insane.

And I am not the only one who thinks that, YouTuber MKBHD had this to say:

Now to be fair, the value of Intel Macs since Apple Silicon has come out has plummeted massively. But it is still a bitter pill to swallow.

Back to people with Apple Silicon machines. I’m not the only noticed this:

Again, I get nothing holds its value forever. But Apple has clearly missed the mark here. Or have they? The cynic in me says that this is a deliberate attempt by Apple to stop people who have Apple Silicon from trading in their computers to get the new hotness. I say that because if you look at the video that Apple posted on YouTube announcing these new computers, the marketing seems to be aimed at those who still have Intel Macs.

So if you want the new hotness, my advice would be to sell your current Mac on Craigslist or Ebay. You’ll get more money for it, and that’s always been the case even before this situation popped up. Meanwhile, I have to wonder if Apple is even going to try and quietly walk this back, or just say “too bad, so sad”, or more likely say nothing as Apple typically doesn’t admit mistakes. I am keeping my eye on this for sure as it is going to be interesting to watch.

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