ThreatConnects Announces Industry-First Platform Explicitly For Threat Intelligence Operations

Today, cyber threat intelligence company ThreatConnect released the industry’s first threat intelligence (TI) platform explicitly designed for TI Ops. The new release radically increases the effectiveness of threat intelligence analysts and security operations teams by bringing together the power of human analysis,  ML-powered analytics and intelligence, and automation. 

The ThreatConnect Platform enables organizations to achieve alignment between security operations and the critical risks to the business, better security efficiencies, and greater effectiveness, including faster time to mitigate essential vulnerabilities and faster mean time to detect (MTTD) and respond (MTTR) to threats. In a recent survey of ThreatConnect customers, more than 68% of respondents said that the product helped them improve their MTTR by more than 50%.

In the same study, 95% of respondents noted that ThreatConnect enabled them to get more value from their existing security tools, such as SIEM, XDR, and SOAR. Customers can now go beyond just managing threat intel to operationalizing it and fusing it across every part of your security program, from threat investigation to incident response to vulnerability management with ThreatConnect’s ML-Powered Global Intelligence and Analytics with CAL™ v3.0, Native Reporting Engine, and Built-in Enrichment.

For more information, there’s a blog post that you can read a this link: ThreatConnect 7.0: The Industry’s First Threat Intelligence Operations (TI Ops) Platform.

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