Bell Is Rolling Out New Firmware To The Gigahub

You might have been following my coverage of Bell’s rollout of the new Gigahub which is the hardware that they supply to their Bell Fibe customers. Out of the box, it had issues. And I put out a request for help identifying these issues as I was getting a lot of emails asking for help. Ultimately Bell identified these issues via a Bell employee who frequents the forums called “Bell_Dom”. A firmware update then came out that fixed the initial rollout had. But you had an ask for it.

That seems to have changed in the last few days as according to this thread on, Bell appears to be rolling this out widely. The firmware is version and it is specific to the Gigahub. One bonus of this new firmware is that it finally fixes the issue of WiFi re-enabling when you reboot the Gigahub. That’s something that I wish that Bell would bring that down to the HH4000 as that bug is annoying.

Have you received this update on your Gigahub? What has your experience been? Please leave a comment below and share your experience.

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