Bell Takes Dead Aim At Cable With A New Super Bowl Ad

I’ve been saying for a long time that Bell has a real advantage over cable companies like Rogers by getting fibre in as many places as possible and by having speeds that destroys anything that cable can offer. And Bell is going to highlight that this Sunday during the Super Bowl with a new national English TV ad that highlights Bell’s pure fibre Internet.

The main message of the ad is that Bell fibre based gigabit speeds beat cable every time, and now’s the time to switch to Bell pure fibre Internet as anything else is terrifying. The ad follows a family as they enter their new vacation rental home, only to find out they need to escape the horror of cable Internet 

Following the premiere on Sunday, which will air on CTV and TSN here in Canada, along with the entire game, Canadians can catch the ad on TV and in select Cineplex VIP Cinemas in Toronto and Montreal starting next week.

Now you don’t have to wait for Super Bowl Sunday to see the ad. I’ve got it for you to take a look right now:

My $0.02 worth. The ad is very funny and it drives the point that Bell is better than cable home. They don’t mention Rogers by name, but the cable box with the red light is a big hint Rogers is the target of this ad. If I were Rogers, Cogeco, or Shaw, I would have no idea how any of them respond to this ad because of the fact that what any of those companies offer in terms of Internet access doesn’t measure up to what Bell offers.

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  1. Stupidest Bell ad yet. I have cable internet -not Rogers- it’s fast enough to stream 2 movies simultaneously for a fraction of Fibe cost.

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