LinkedIn’s Publishes Their 2023 Most In-Demand Skills List

As the 2023 workforce rapidly evolves, conversations around ‘recession’ are up nearly 900% since last year and topics like layoffs are trending on LinkedIn. However, today’s professionals are finding confidence in their skills, allowing them to bounce back and move forward when facing job change – planned or not.

A complement to this year’s Jobs on the Rise list, which identified the 25 jobs which have grown most over the past five years, the Most In-Demand Skillslist offers an insider look at the skills companies need most right now and free LinkedIn Learning courses to learn these skills.

The 2023 top 10 most in-demand skills in Canada include:

  1. Management – Be The Manager People Won’t Leave
  2. Communication – Communication Foundations
  3. Customer Service – Customer Service Foundations
  4. Leadership – Human Leadership
  5. Microsoft Office – Excel Essential Training (Office 365)
  6. Sales – Sales Foundations
  7. Project Management – Project Management Foundations
  8. Teamwork – Being an Effective Team Member
  9. Research – Market Research Foundations
  10. Analytical Skills – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

For the full list of the Most In-Demand Skills, and their corresponding LinkedIn Learning courses, visit here.

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