Uber Details Rider Ratings In Canadian Cities Along With How To Improve Your Rating

It’s been one year since Uber has given riders the ability to see exactly how their rating is calculated via the Privacy Center in the Uber app. Since then, revealing personal rider ratings has become a trend on socials, and many people are making a viral moment out of checking their rankings.

For the second year in a row, Uber is releasing the top five and lowest five ranked Canadian cities for rider ratings. 

Some riders took last year’s rankings to heart and turned their city’s ratings around thanks to helpful tips from drivers, while other cities dropped from the top spots. Winnipeg and Halifax entered the top five, Red Deer dropped from number two to three and London graduated from the bottom five cities. As some of the newest cities with rideshare in Canada, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres in Quebec are taking the top spots. 

The below list shows the top 5 Canadian cities which have the highest average rider rating and lowest average rider rating. 

Highest average rider rating: 

  1.  Sherbrooke, QC
  2.  Trois-Rivières, QC
  3.  Red Deer, AB 
  4.  Winnipeg, MB 
  5.  Halifax, NS

Lowest average rider rating: 

  1.  Ottawa, ON 
  2.  Toronto, ON 
  3.  Montreal, QC 
  4.  Hamilton, ON 
  5.  Edmonton, AB 

For step-by-step instructions on how to find your ratings breakdown, check out this blog.

To access the Privacy Center and ratings breakdown in the app:

  • In the settings menu, tap privacy and then Privacy Center
  • In the Privacy Center, swipe to the right and click on the “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” tile
  • Scroll down to the “browse your data” section and tap on “View my ratings” to see the breakdown

Want to improve your rating? Drivers have shared some of the top reasons they hand out fewer stars: 

  1. Pack it in, pack it out: Drivers shouldn’t have to clean up after your mess. Always make sure to take your trash and any other belongings with you. Don’t leave a mess behind. 
  2. Buckle Up: Studies show that unbuckled passengers in the back seat can put the driver at greater risk of injury in a crash. So always remember to buckle up for your and the driver’s safety. 
  3. Be ready: Remember that drivers’ time is valuable and they shouldn’t have to wait for you. A smooth pickup is better for everyone so be ready to go when the driver arrives.
  4. Treat everyone and everything with respect: As outlined in Uber’s Community Guidelines, they want riders and drivers to feel safe, respectful, and positive. Always treat your driver and their vehicle as you would want to be treated. 
  5. Don’t slam the door! It is easy to accidentally slam a door if you aren’t thinking about it, and drivers have consistently cited door slams as a reason why they deduct stars.   

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