Usually I Bash Bell’s Customer Service… Today I Will Praise Them

Frequent readers of the blog will know that while I like Bell for the quality of their Internet offering, I don’t like the quality of their customer service. Specifically, I’ve said this in the past:

Bell’s customer service reps are insanely aggressive and walk up to the line of what I believe to be ethical behaviour in order to get you to subscribe to more services with Bell. This behaviour by these customer service reps, whom I am pretty sure are working for outsourced overseas call centres, is sure to turn some people off. For example, when my wife and I tried to switch to Bell a year ago, their behaviour was so bad that it sent us running back to Rogers. Though that was only for one more year and ended when Rogers recent troubles started. And when we did switch a couple of weeks ago, we were forced to run the gauntlet of Bell’s customer service reps upselling us to death. None of this helps Bell’s public image in any way as a lot of people have said to me that Bell’s tech is great, but Bell’s customer service sucks. If I were Mirko Bibic the CEO of Bell, I’d be figuring out how to fix that as their Internet offering is enough to win customers over by itself without having to resort to the borderline used car salesman tactics that are used by their customer service reps. 

Yesterday, I had an interaction with Bell’s customer service team that was the exact opposite. I had a client who bought a new MacBook Pro who was trying to add their email account to it. But it wouldn’t work and they couldn’t figure out why. On top of that, the same account on other devices suddenly stopped working. Which is why I got a phone call. It didn’t take me long to figure out what the issue was, which was they were using the wrong password. That in turn locked the email account which is a feature that Bell has with its email service.

That led me to what I needed to do to fix this. Well, normally I would ask the customer to log into their MyBell account to reset the password. But they didn’t know what the username and password for that was. So that left myself and my client to call Bell which is something that we were both dreading as we both haven’t had the best interactions with Bell in the past.

So after dialling them up and getting to the right department, we had a customer service rep pick up the phone quickly who then verified who my client was and permitted the client to let me drive the call. I then explained what I needed and the rep issued a temporary password, which I then used to get into the email account via Bell’s webmail service and change it to something that the customer could remember. From there I was able to get into her email on her MacBook and I was able to not only find her username for MyBell, but I was able to use the password reset function to allow her to get into it.

Total time invested: 8 Minutes.

At no time did the customer service rep try to sell us anything. Nor did they try to hurry us off the phone. Instead they were polite, patient, and supportive. While this is a sample size of one, I am hoping that this is indicative of Bell finally realizing that they needed to course correct when it comes to their customer service. If that is the case, I applaud Bell because their quality of customer service is what is holding them back from taking Rogers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I will be watching closely to see if this is just a fluke, or a sign of things to come.

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