34% Of Shoppers Rank Data Security As A High Priority: BR-DGE

New research from BR-DGE reveals consumers’ concern over payment security, with 34% of shoppers ranking data security and payment encryption as being the most important element in an online shopping experience. A further 83% of the 1,200 UK consumers surveyed stated their concern regarding where their card details are processed and stored during transactions.

Rui Ribeiro, CEO and Cofounder, Jscrambler:

     “The new BR-DGE research shows that consumers recognize the growing need for effective payment security. With every purchase transaction, they offer up their money, their data and their trust. It’s imperative for e-commerce companies to better protect them by securing their payment pages. On average, 70% of the scripts that power components like payment forms come from third-parties. The majority of websites have more than 10 different vendor scripts accessing their payment pages. 

E-commerce companies need to focus on gaining visibility and control over these scripts to prevent data compromise – and protect their revenue, reputation, and ability to comply with regulations. The risk of third-party scripts must be not only understood but minimized in order to protect customers and keep up with the rapidly increasing pace and expectations of the online payment landscape.”

I for one am glad that consumers have awareness about payment security. Hopefully this translates into retailers doing everything they can to ensure that consumers can shop safely online.

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