BREAKING: Elon Musk Tried To Meet With FTC Chair And Got Flipped Off

The New York Times is reporting that Elon Musk tried to meet with the chair of the FTC Lina Kahn, but he didn’t get that meeting. Here’s the TL:DR:

After Mr. Musk requested to meet with Ms. Khan, she consulted with the enforcement division inside the F.T.C.’s consumer protection bureau, which has been leading the Twitter investigation, according to the email among agency staff members describing the situation. Acting on the enforcement team’s advice, Ms. Khan declined to meet with Mr. Musk at that time.

In Ms. Khan’s Jan. 27 letter to Twitter, she noted that the company was under investigation and had dragged its heels in providing documents to the F.T.C., delaying depositions with witnesses including Mr. Musk. She said she was “troubled by Twitter’s delays and the obstacles that these delays are creating for the F.T.C.’s investigation.”

“I recommend that Twitter appropriately prioritize its legal obligations to provide the requested information,” she wrote. “Once Twitter has fully complied with all F.T.C. requests, I will be happy to consider scheduling a meeting with Mr. Musk.”

What does this tell you. Elon must really think that the FTC is about to lower the boom on him in a serious way, and he wants to head this off before it becomes costly. Be that in fines, forcing him to change how he does business, or most likely both. For all of his bravado, he’s at least smart enough to figure out that getting three letter agencies in the US mad at him is not a smart move. The thing is, I have to believe that he’s way too late on that front and he’s on the cusp of having yet another problem to deal with on top of the many, many other problems he has at the moment.

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