Hyundai France And Italy Pwned… And Personal Details Were Exposed

Hyundai has disclosed a breach impacting Italian:

And French car owners. Including those who booked a test drive.

The letter shared on Twitter states that the bad actor did not steal financial data or identification numbers and that the incident has exposed the following types of data:

  • E-mail addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • VIN numbers

Hyundai says the impacted systems are currently offline until additional security measures are implemented.

Hyundai has had numerous cybersecurity issues just in the last few months. In February, there was a USB cable hack, and in December bugs in the Hyundai app allowed attackers to unlock and start cars and steal car owner information. So this isn’s a good look for the carmaker.

Ted Miracco, CEO, Approov had this to say :

   “Automobile manufacturers rely on one of the most complex networks of suppliers, and any vulnerability in the supply chain can be exploited by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive data.

   “As modern vehicles become increasingly electronic-based products, they are both more connected and more software-driven. These trends make all automotive companies much more vulnerable to cyberattacks, particularly those emanating from mobile apps or devices. Hyundai isn’t alone in falling victim to the vulnerabilities in the software or systems used in a vehicle, however they have been a frequent target and attackers have gained access to sensitive data. This is certainly problematic for Hyundai and something that needs to be addressed to rebuild consumers’ confidence in their products.“

The thing is, this isn’t just a Hyundai problem. Every car maker needs to be serious about cybersecurity. Otherwise threat actors will have a field day finding vulnerabilities that could put lives at risks seeing as cars are rolling hunks of metal moving at significant speeds.

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