There Is Now A Chrome Extension To Auto Block People On Twitter Who Subscribe To Twitter Blue

Last week, I told you about a new trend on Twitter to block users on Twitter who were stupid enough chose to pay for Twitter blue:

What Elon doesn’t get is that getting a checkmark via Twitter Blue isn’t a status symbol. It represents the fact that you paid for attention and Elon has devalued the blue checkmark. In fact there’s a hashtag on Twitter called #BlockTheBlue where people who pay Elon $8 a month ($11 on iOS) to get a blue checkmark get blocked by those who haven’t paid Elon.

The reason behind this is that twitter will deboost your account if too many people who pay Elon $8 a month ($11 on iOS) block you. That gives you a massive incentive to block them before they can block you. Thus #BlockTheBlue is now a thing. Blocking people is a manual and time consuming process. Or at least it was as there’s now a Google Chrome extension that can help you with that:

Mute or Block Twitter Blue subscribers automatically, as you browse. Enjoy a much quieter and safer Twitter experience. The only accounts you’ll see are those of the *actual* factual verified accounts, and regular users. Twitter Blue users, begone!

You have to wonder what’s going to happen to the guy who created this when Elon finds out about it. After all, I can easily see Elon losing his mind and rage Tweeting about this. Then making threats to sue the guy. IANAL but I can’t see what Elon could possibly be suing for. But I digress. The fact is that is that that Twitter Blue is a disaster that Elon has created. And personally, I don’t see any way back from that. And it says a lot about how bad Twitter Blue is that someone has actually created a Chrome extension to block Twitter Blue users. That tells you how bad Elon has made Twitter Blue specifically, and Twitter as a whole. So, if you’re still on the bird site, and you haven’t paid for Twitter Blue which would cover the majority of people on Twitter, you may want to give this a go to make your Twitter experience better. Though if I were you, I would just abandon Twitter as it’s a hellscape that’s not worth wasting your time on.

UPDATE: There are now more extensions that block Twitter Blue users. Here’s the story.

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