More Browser Extensions To Block Twitter Blue Subscribers Are Out For Firefox And Chrome Users

Earlier this week I posted a story about a Chrome extension that blocks Twitter Blue subscribers from your Twitter feed. The logic for blocking Twitter Blue subscribers is as follows:

The reason behind this is that twitter will deboost your account if too many people who pay Elon $8 a month ($11 on iOS) block you. That gives you a massive incentive to block them before they can block you. 

I’ve been expecting more extensions to appear as what has become known as #BlockTheBlue has gained momentum from non Twitter Blue subscribers who aren’t happy with Twitter Blue and what it represents. Today Malware Tech has released extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that will block Twitter Blue users, and they have the rather clever name of BlueLiteBlocker. You can find them via Malware Tech’s GitHub page or you can get the Chrome extension here, and the Firefox extension here. Here’s the elevator pitch as to what these extensions do:

This extension allows you to hide Tweets from Twitter Blue users you don’t follow, if they have less than a set number of followers. You can customize the follower threshold and choose between collapsing or removing Tweets.

This will be useful to filter out the noise from those who foolishly paid Elon Musk $8 a month ($11 on iOS) to get a status symbol that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Though I will be interested to see what happens when these sorts of extensions start to get used at scale and make Twitter Blue even more meaningless that it already is.

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