Elon Musk Is Now Prioritizing Twitter Blue Subscribers In Your Feed

Elon’s latest attempt at getting you to sign up for Twitter Blue is this:

That I am guessing means that you will see more verified accounts in your feed. Whatever that means because he didn’t exactly make that clear. And I am guessing that you will see them whether you want to or not. Elon could be talking about a previously announced change in which he said that “only verified accounts will be eligible” to be shown in the For You feed. But again, this isn’t clear from this single Tweet. It also likely means that your Tweets will be all but invisible unless you pay for Twitter Blue.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out because the people in the #BlockTheBlue camp are going to have real fun using tools like this one to block anyone who has paid for Twitter Blue. Assuming that they stay on the platform as this is now a huge incentive to dump Twitter and never look back.

I am guessing that the calculus behind this for Elon is that those who refuse to pay $8 a month ($11 on iOS) because they don’t like him and would like to make a public show of it are now going to have a choice. They will either disappear from Twitter one way or another entirely or pay for Twitter Blue. And he’s hoping the they capitulate and choose the latter option. The thing is, Mastodon is gaining somewhere between 1000 and 2000 accounts an hour based on the Mastodon Users account. That has to be coming from Twitter which implies that Elon’s losing this fight. And this latest move by Elon may accelerate departures from Twitter. Which means that Elon once again might have played himself.

Get the popcorn ready.

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